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Termas de Arapey

The Spa of the Arapey is a thermal tourist complex located in the Salto Department, to the northwest of Uruguay. Placed on the banks of the river Arapey, to approximately 80 km to the north of the departmental capital and to approximately 560 with regard to the city of Montevideo.

This locality represents the most ancient installation of thermal waters of the country and she is considered to be one of the most influential in the region.

From the year 1945 it is running; 400.000 liters per hour in his 725 and 1.300 mts extras. of depth. Discovered by the Geologic Institute of the Uruguay, as a consequence of a perforation realized in search of oil.

The Temperature average is 39 ° C and the maxim is 42 ° C.
The water from the point of view physicist - chemist, contains iodine, iron, fluorine, calcium and magnesium. It is negative in arsenic and poor in sulfates and nitrates. It presents clear and permanent radioactivity. In small quantities it is colorless and in big water masses it presents a bluish color. It possesses agreeable flavor and it is inolora.
Also it assembles all the ideal conditions for his application as alternative, curative medicine and for therapeutic treatments. It is used in balnoterapia, that is indicated in actions desensibilizantes, sedative and stimulant baths. It is effective in rheumatism in general. Also, it possesses properties that give him big quality as water of table, stomach sedative and healing diuretic.

The complex constitutes a tourist attraction, receiving annually more than 150.000 tourists generally from Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and in minor measurement from other more remote countries. In the last decade the European and North American tourism has grown evidently.

It possesses 4 open swimming pools and a swimming pool closed with giant plants as if it was a vivarium. It is provided with a hotel complex with rooms and bungalows policemen, as also with Hotels of 5 and 4 stars as there are the Hotels Barceló and with the most professional infrastructure of the region with his natural, full environment of mounts and rough fields of basalts, worth place for the rest, the peace and the calmness.

Also it possesses playgrounds, courts to realize several sports, infrastructure adapted for the accommodation like motels, hotels and a wide property of camping with capacity for five thousand persons.
Suitable commerce for his entertainment, buys, supply, restaurants, etc.

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Salto Departament

Salto Departament

Salto owes his name to the multiple and picturesque waterfalls that come from the Rio Uruguay.

Salto, Departamento


Salto, named in last times Oriental Jump, it is the cardinal city of the jump Department, Uruguay.

Salto, Capital
 Termas del Daymán

Termas del Daymán

The spa Daymán finds to 10 minutes of the center of the jump city on the route 3 in the Km 487, to 487 Km from Montevideo and to 440 Km from Buenos Aires.

Salto, Departamento


It is the first thermal water park of South America.

Salto, Departamento
Represa de Salto Grande.

Represa de Salto Grande.

The dam of Salto Grande is located in a place named Ayuí, to 18 km to the north of the Uruguayan city of Jump and Concord (Province of Between Rivers) and to 6 km streamwise from the Big Jump in stric...

Salto, Departamento

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